Progress Report: well, that sure was Python.

Breezed through Python for Web – and by ‘breezed’ I mean it was like one of those comedy routines where a comically middle-aged person finds themselves on a runaway skateboard and is windmilling their arms and going whoa-whooaaa-whooaa-WHOA! as they blow through balloons and newspapers and fruit carts and whatnot.

But hey, I understand how the Internet works a little better now.

Took a couple months off because (among other things) we were moving house, but today I started another CSS course that I’d kinda forgotten I’d signed up for. This one’s about designing for multiple screen sizes. Which I’m not super into learning, but I sure as hell appreciate it when sites do it for me, so what the hey.

Next post will be something other than me tracking my classes, I promise. I’ve been thinking about Captain America and Cthulhu. (Not at the same time. Although I’d read that comic.)



Test post.

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